Fix the Filibuster

It's been their strategy for years: Pack the courts with ideological conservatives, and block President Obama's (and President Clinton's) efforts to balance the courts with reasonable, progressive jurists. You know that.

But what you may not know is that there's one specific court that's at the eye of the storm in this fight. It's the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington DC - known as the DC Circuit.

Not only is the DC Circuit a stepping stone for the Supreme Court (with four of the nine current Justices coming from there), but the DC Circuit has issued rulings on just about everything we care about.

Republicans are filibustering every nominee that President Obama brings to the DC Circuit -- including three women in a row, all highly respected and qualified.

Once again it's time to get organized and demand filibuster reform. It's simply not OK to block these nominees without debate.

Please sign my petition to the Senate: It's time to fix the filibuster. It's time to change the rules and require up-or-down votes on judicial nominees.

Senator Jeff Merkley

To the U.S. Senate:

It's time to fix the filibuster. End the conservative stranglehold, change the Senate rules, and require up-or-down votes on judicial nominees.

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